Job Recruiting

Finding the right candidate for a position is more than just a matter of matching skills and filling an open role. It's about finding someone who can meet your departmental and organizational requirements, and being certain that the person will play a dynamic role within the group they will be working with. It is also about locating the person who meets your organization's current needs while simultaneously bringing in a skill set and the determination that will grow with the company.

My approach uses my experience as a Recruiter to not just find a body to fill a position, but to find the right person for the role and organization. This means going beyond the hard skill requirements and digging deeper into the culture of the organization, the culture of the hiring group and the style and philosophy of the hiring manager and team. I focus on more than attracting candidates, my recruiting philosophy focuses on retention.

Contingency Recruiting

I work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay me when you hire an employee. My rates are very competitive for direct hiring and include developing an accurate and enticing job description, reviewing resumes of applicants, using my resources and contacts to increase the candidate pool, a full screening and pre-qualification and a detailed summary outlining why the candidate is a perfect fit for the company.

Job Recruiting

Additional Recruiting Support

In some cases you may not need full cycle recruiting source. Some of my clients have needed help with various stages of the recruiting cycle:

Job Description Creation

I can help capture the critical components of a position, the personal traits that would make someone successful in the role, and the reasons someone would want to work for the organization. From there, I can develop a compelling job description to help attract the right candidates.

Reference Checking

Once a company has narrowed down its search to the top 1 or 2 candidates, I can work to check references. This requires that I meet with the appropriate person/people within the company to discuss the position and organizational requirements, specific areas the company wants to learn about the candidate and specific questions they need to have answered.

Resumé Review & Candidates Screening

Organizations can be inundated with resumes for their openings. If a company doesn't have the time and/or bandwidth to review the mountain of resumes it is receiving, I can help narrow the candidate pool down by reviewing and sorting the resumes by relevancy and ability. I can also prescreen the candidates to make sure they meet the requirements the company most values. I can provide support in either or both areas.

“I can help you attract and retain the best talent for your specific organizational needs. It's about building bench strength and a unique employer brand.”

Recruiting Services & Pricing



Exclusive Contingency Rate 15% of Salary Offered  
Non-Exclusive Contingency Rate 20% of Salary Offered  
Additional Recruiting Services $30/hour  

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