Job Search Coaching

Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of coaching people through various work situations: problems with their managers or their employees; struggles to be considered for promotion; figuring out how and where their skills could best be used; determining how they can interview more dynamically; finding out what they can do to improve their job search strategy.

A one-on-one coaching session can give you some very helpful clarity and direction. It can also define and refine your message, give you a set of tools to make you more confident about your current situation and next steps, and give you a fresh attitude and perspective.

With a coaching session, I like to focus on whatever area and topics are most important to you. Each session is unique, as every person and situation is different and should be addressed based on their unique qualities. To make sure we make the best use of each session, I will ask you to provide background information about your current situation, what you are hoping to accomplish, and where or why you are feeling dissatisfied.

Some examples of
coaching services
I offer include:

  • Coaching a job seeker how to effectively interview in order to make themselves the most desirable candidate for the job.
  • Dealing with employment related situations involving the employee's manager.
  • Teaching an employee how to become more promotable within their organization.
  • Developing a focused and strong job search for the job seeker.
  • Re-Energizing the job seeker about their job search.

What we focus on is entirely up you. The solutions, strategies, and messages that result from our meetings will belong to you, and meet every goal you have set out to accomplish. This means you are an absolute active participant and will walk away feeling confident in your message and the direction you are ready to go.

Job Search Coaching
“The three weeks working with Vivi have been a great help. I felt so much more confident in the interviews thanks to her.”

Carson – new college graduate, Santa Cruz, CA

Session Choices & Pricing




1 session (60 minutes) $80/hour $80
4 sessions within 1 month $70/hour $280
8 sessions within 2 months $60/hour $480

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I can arrange to work with groups and customize packages to make them ideal for the client. I'm flexible.